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    Leave your mark - your way

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  • Airport Zürich

    Airport Zürich

    «Since the introduction of the reception desk solution from Recos IC AG, the customer contact center has been able to handle around 2,000 calls more per month, than in the previous year.»

    Brigitta Frutiger, Head of Customer Contact Center
    Flughafen Zürich AG

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  • City of Chur

    City of Chur

    «The Operational costs had been continuously reduced and user acceptance had been increasing further through selective development.»

    Josua Ackermann, Deputy Head of Office, Office for Telematics, City of Chur


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  • Financial administration  of Nordrhein-Westfalen

    Financial administration  of Nordrhein-Westfalen

    «If your customers can't reach you, how can you help them? Find out, how Cisco and Recos helped the financial administration of Nordrhein-Westfalen to build a simple, automated and intelligent service-center-solution.»

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    Recos IC Suite - better Communication!

    Communication as a modular system solution - more Jabber, more Skype, more TEAMS!

    The Recos IC Suite could be integrated seamlessly, invisibly, flexibly via certified interfaces into all necessary UM systems of the UCC solutions and also into your work processes.

    • Equipped with the latest technology (web-based) - no client installation required
    • Future-proofed: On-premises or Cloud
    • Support for Small to International Businesses

    Our technology partners

    Recos Reception Desk

    Find simple and connect easy – your choice for corporate communication:

    Call transfer   easy - with a short training and a high level of user convenience
    Quick action   Find and connect - by connecting address books, integrated presence management, calendar access and a wide range of search options
    Control   Waiting fields, Announcements (IVR), Office Hour Management & Public Holidays
    Available   as a multi-user and single-user version
    Web-based   no client installation required
    Integrated   fully integrated in Cisco - Microsoft or pure browser mode
    Application   keyboard, mouse or touch screen application






    About us

    Recos IC

    Innovative Ideas, Swiss Quality – the foundation of Your success for more than 10 years.

    Recos IC Deutschland GmbH

    • Agencies: Immenstadt and Ludwigsburg – Deutschland

    Recos IC AG

    • Agency: Lachen – Schweiz, Kanton Schwyz
    • Management Buy-out from Recos AG / Kofax Schweiz AG

    We offer you

    Recos IC Solutions developed by our own – in Swiss Quality.




    Customized solutions: project planning, integration, training and operation of communication systems in your IT landscape




    Coordinated communication solutions and additions for the partner portfolio, ressources and know-how for relief




    Seamless communication, overview of the availability of employees, integration into existing systems, improved processes




    Optimal integration - for investment security, simple administration, high employee productivity, faster access to existing information




    Long-term customer and partner relationships, short communication channels, many years of experience, pragmatic solution finding


    11.2018 - Digital working: City of Chur uses Cisco collaboration solution

    The city of Chur has implemented a new collaboration solution from Cisco.

    In addition to the entire administration, the city police and the associated operations center also benefit from the advanced infrastructure.

    • Uniform communication platform for administration, for technical companies, schools and authorities
    • Complete integration of the Cisco solution with the Recos Meta Directory and Presence Management Suite




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